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SCC Rules Asset-freeze & travel-ban on Saleh's Nephew & al-Tayeb

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The specialist criminal court (SCC) on Tuesday, Feb 26, passed a ruling freezing assets and banning travel of Yahiya Mohamed Abdullah Saleh, nephew of ex-president Saleh and Central Security's former chief of staff, and Abdulmalik al-Tayeb the former commander of the same unit.
The SCC decided to freeze real-estate and cash assets, whether inside or outside the country, of the former regime's aides for their failure to appear at a court hearing and testify on a case of bombing that harvested the lives of  86 soldier  during a parade marking the 22nd anniversary
of Yemen's reunification at al-Sab'een Square in Sanaa May 22, 2012.

The court also ordered banning them from travel abroad, advising the Interior Ministry thereof and authorizing the Public Prosecution to communicate with banks operating in Yemen for imposing the freeze on any accounts of the two men.

The court decision intends to compel both Yahiya Saleh and Abdulmalik al-Tayeb to appear at court testimony, after they had been warned that the court would take strict measures assuring their attendance.
A suicide bombing killed 86 personnel from the Central Security forces on the 21st of last May while in rehearsal for National Day parade. Al-Qaida claimed responsibility for the attack.

source : YEMENFOX

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