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The National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms (HOOD) is a volunteer organization of lawyers and activists working to promote a just and equitable society in Yemen. HOOD, a non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental organization, founded in 1998, has always been at the forefront of human rights protection. HOOD seeks the equal application of the law and equal protection under the law for all Yemeni citizens and residents.


HOOD conceives for a just and equitable society contributes to, through the planned mission as a leading organization dedicated to promoting human rights, maintaining freedom of expression and the right to a fair trial, law enforcement and good governance in Yemen.


HOOD is a leading NGO dedicated to promoting human rights advocacy through providing pro bono legal assistance to the victims of torture and human rights abuses, creating legal and human rights awareness among, in particular, the underprivileged sections of the society through Training and mounting advocacy campaigns, monitoring and following-up human rights abuses.


Credibility, transparency and equally address all cases of violations.

The Objectives:

For HOOD to be able to forge ahead with the realization of its mission, it has a broad objective of monitoring the abuses and advocacy of human rights through achieving the following objectives:

1.    Provide legal assistance to victims of human rights violations;
2.    Improve the legislative and legal framework and community capacity  

       for social justice;
3.    Heighten legal and human rights public awareness;
4.    Mount Human rights campaigns to advocate human rights cases.


HOOD translates its missions and objectives through the implementation of the following activities:  
1.    Provide legal assistance to victims of human rights violations:
   •    Report to the concerned authorities on the event
   •    Represent the victims before the concerned judicial authorities.
   •    Call for human rights perpetrators to be brought to justice
HOOD pays a particular attention to:
  a.    Victims of illegal detention: (nationals or foreigners detained in Yemeni prisons, 

        Yemeni  nationals detained abroad, e.x. detainees in Guantanamo, 

         Bagram, Saudi, Iraq,…)
  b.    enforced disappearance
  c.    victims of torture:

2.    Carrying out "Strengthening Human Rights in Yemen" program through:
   •    Create advocacy teams of lawyers, journalists, influential people and community                      leaders at the level of the Yemeni governorates and districts and
   •    Train the advocacy teams on monitoring human rights violations and build their


             and improve their skills that enable them to run organizations themselves
   •    Encourage the advocacy teams to turn into independent organizations working

        on the defense of human rights at their local areas.
   •    Build the capacity of NGOs through:
   •    carrying out projects that serves building the capacity of civil society activists

        and the development of their leadership skills in the field of human rights.
   •    holding several self-funding trainings targeting different segments of society.
   •    coordinating with universities, unions and bars to train their members

         on human rights.
   •    developing training materials and manuals on human rights issues

3.    Contribute to the application of the Role of Law and enhance the principles

      of Good  Governance as the following:
   •    The proposition of better alternative laws.
   •    The Promotion of new draft laws or amendments to existing laws

4.    Launch advocacy campaigns and mobilization on Human Rights:
   •    Establish or join international and national networks and coalitions
   •    A member of the ministerial Committee to Review the Cases of Yemeni

        Nationals  Imprisoned Abroad.
   •    A partner of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) in light of its

              program of “Respect Human Rights in the Framework of the Fight

         against Terrorism”.
   •    A member of the Yemeni Human Rights Network (YHRN)
   •    A member of the Yemeni Coalition for Education for All (YCEA)
   •    A member of the NGOs Coalition against Corruption
   •    Encourage the coordination among journalists and establish a strong coalition 

        for advocating certain cases.
   •    Contribute to the preparation of international and national country report on

         Human rights situation in Yemen. 
   •    Cooperate with international and national researchers and fact-findings missions to

            carry out their missions successfully.
   •    Follow-up legal actions to bring perpetrators of security officials to justice
   •    • hold press conferences and seminars to shed light on human rights

          controversial issues
   •    • publish official statements and investigative reports condemning violations
   •    • monitor and document human rights violations
   •    • urge the Yemeni government to abide by international conventions to which

          it is a party.

HOOD Teams:

HOOD forms advocacy teams in different governorates and districts to monitor human rights violation in accordance with HOOD objectives and mission.

HOOD Centers:

  1.    The Center of Counter Torture
  2.    The Center of Judicial Independence
  3.    The Center of Student's Rights
  4.    The Center of Union Freedoms
  5.    The Center of Anti - Corruption
  6.    The Center of Consumer and Environment Protection

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